Wednesday, July 12

Album Review #4: Imagine Dragons - Evolve

Sorry I am late for this. I considered not doing this, but why not? This took too long, since I was preoccupied with the farm. Today, I took it relaxed since I am rather tired. I only came home at 2:00.

Track 1: I Don't Know Why (10)
I find this is a calmer version of Believer. The beat is great, and the song overall is really fun. The pre-chorus is extremely powerful. The baseline is exhilarating. The chorus is extremely catchy. And the lyrics are pretty good, too.

Track 2: Whatever It Takes (10)
In this song, the rapping is spot-on, in terms that is is not too repetitive, and not annoying. Dan Reynolds has a great rap voice. However, he still showcases his talent to change pitch powerfully, in the chorus. The hook gives a break from the power, but it is still greatly done, because it tells us clearly that something big is coming up.

Track 3: Believer (9)
I loved this song, because I was glad that Imagine Dragons returned with their rock style. I sort of outgrew this one, though. It still has masterful drumming. However, the screaming has gotten mildly annoying. The lyrics chosen are spectacular, though.

Track 4: Walking The Wire (6.5)
This one is a bit too slow in my opinion. The chorus is still great, but the verses are annoying, since this is not Imagine Dragons' style, so it feels a bit awkward. The chorus, however, gives back points because of the rock feel that I love.

Track 5: Rise Up (9.5)
This song is more of a throwback from Night Visions, because it is more «peaceful» than Believer, I Don't Know Why, and so on. I absolutely adore the songwriting. Although the screaming in the chorus could be a bit better, the verses make up for it. This song is extremely meaningful.

Track 6: I'll Make It Up To You (5.5)
As in Walking The Wire, the verses are a bit awkward, since I am not used to Imagine Dragons with this type of music. The chorus is similar, but I like it for some reason, I don't know why. However, it is a bit too short.

Track 7: Yesterday (2)
The chorus is downright painful to listen to. The screaming is awful. The verses are rather interesting though. I fear that Imagine Dragons are changing too much. There is one electronic instrument that comes in at the second chorus that kills me.

Track 8: Mouth Of The River (0)
The lyrics are too repetitive. Dan Reynolds sings too high. He shouldn't use his falsetto, is sounds awful. And the, what, a sitar maybe, throughout the songs gives me a heartache.

Track 9: Thunder (9)
This song saved the last 2/3 of the album from total disaster. The song is super catchy. Nobody tries too hard, not the producers, not Dan Reynolds, not anybody. That's what makes this song so simple and therefore hard to dislike. I can see how it could be repetitive or how the voice in the chorus could be annoying, but it isn'to to me.

Track 10: Start Over (5)
The lyrics saved this song. Otherwise, it is too repetitive and the music is rather strange. Starting off a song well is key, and the first verse is just awful. I feel as if he is just telling us something just like whatever, did you hear this, like a casual conversation and not a song, for goodness sake! The chorus is fine though and the music is fun.

Track 11: Dancing In The Dark (0)
Oh boy! What is this trash? First of all, I had to turn the volume to max to hear something. Ten I realized that that beat was not my cat batting the litter, but part of the actual song. The autotune is horribly used. The song never changed volume, range, or even words throughout the whole song.

In all, I expected better. The pre-released singles are great, but most of the rest is awful.

Top 3:
1. I Don't Know Why
2. Whatever It Takes
3. Rise Up

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