Monday, November 6

Album review #5: Maroon 5's Red Pill Blues

This will not happen again. Next time I make promises to you guys, I will check my schedule first :p

And now! The album review! How I did this: I listened to the full album and gave my impressions. They might not necessarily be accurate.

Track 1: Best 4 You (2/10)
~Repetitive, like all Maroon 5 songs, but this one is quite annoying. The verses hurt my ears. Adam Levine hits all the wrong notes.

Track 2: What Lovers Do (ft. SZA) (10/10)
~Extremely catchy. SZA sounds fantastic, I love her voice. The production is fantastic and it totally matches Adam Levine and SZA.

Track 3: Wait (10/10)
~My favourite song on the album! Extremely catchy. I love the build-up in the chorus. The verses are mellow, but still great. The balance between sections is perfect.

Track 4: Lips On You (8/10)
~The style doesn't match Maroon 5. The song would be fantastic if sung by someone who has experience with meaningful songs. But everybody has to start somewhere!

Track 5: Bet My Heart (4/10)
~Painful production, however, this shows that Adam can still sing low. The chorus is great, but similar to Lips On You, Maroon 5 sound awkward while singing slow.

Track 6: Help Me Out (w/ Julia Michaels) (3/10)
~Julia Michaels, oh no. The song has acceptable production, and Adam sounds great. But Julia Michaels destroys the song with her awful voice.

Track 7: Who I Am (ft. Lunchmoney Lewis) (1/10)
~Annoying. Lunchmoney Lewis is perfectly useless, and destroys the song. the song itself is boring.

Track 8: Whiskey (w/ A$AP Rocky) (2/10)
~What is it with Maroon 5 and their mellow attempts? There is no build-up, everything stays the same. Maroon 5 are heading downwards!

Track 9: Girls Like You (9/10)
~There we go! Some beat is back. I must say, I was surprised with the amount of mellow songs Maroon 5 put on this album. This one is fun, catchy, and I love the chorus.

Track 10: Closure (10/10)
~It sucks that this must be bought with the album. The song combined everything about the new Maroon 5, the falsetto, the low voice, production, and perfect build-up.

Track 11: Denim Jacket (explicit) (7/10)
~Great build-up. I feel like this is a song that would be very popular a while ago, it is that style. This reminds me of performances on The Voice.

Track 12: Visions (10/10)
~Fantastic! Very catchy, the song is so much fun to listen to, great production. Makes me forget all problems. I have a project due tomorrow, or I can listen To Wait and Visions.

Track 13: Plastic Rose (3/10)
~I haven't made any comment about the lyrics before, but here that aspect is the only good part. Adam went too high with his falsetto this time.

Track 14: Don't Wanna Know (ft. Kendrick Lamar) (10/10)
~I still love the lyrics, the production, the balance, the chorus, every single aspect of this song is just fun!

Track 15: Cold (ft. Future) (explicit) (6/10)
~I more or less grew into this. It is moderately catchy. However, I would not have thought of this as a single. More of a filler.

Thanks for viewing! Let me know you opinions on there songs in the comments section!

Top 5:
1. Wait
2. Visions
3. Closure
4. Don't Wanna Know
5. What Lovers Do

Friday, November 3


Hello! I'm back :p

In this post I will be recapping the weekend countdowns in October that I missed due to the garbage at #1. I plan on posting an album review for Maroon 5's Red Pill Blues later on today or tomorrow.
Thunder got annoying after hearing it so many times. The repetition of «Thunder» gets extremely annoying and when the electronic voice in the chorus kicks in I literally change the channel. First time I ever changed the channel from an Imagine Dragons song. Thunder is a disappointment.

This takes our streak of bad #1s to nine weeks. 2017 music, I can agree with a lot of people, is a disaster.

However, some great songs debuted. In fact, every song that debuted since I paused would be in yellow except You Already Know. I see good things in the future!

It looks like the end for Save Me A Place, sadly. Lights Down Low is still holding on, and it is gaining in my local radio, so maybe it could jump up a few spots in the near future. Feel It Still is going strong, it and Bad At Love are the only songs that are not bad in the top 10. I see Love So Soft at #11. Oh boy. What About Us is at #9. I never thought I would hate it as much as I do now. We are at the point where it is the worst song on the countdown. Even past a Kelly Clarkson song!!! What happened?

Well, when the song came out I was glad to see some more P!nk. So was the radio, I guess. I heard this song over and over and over and over. I listened to the song so much that it would be in my head for a week. And repetition like that becomes annoying. There are very few songs that I would now grow out of after that many listens (Lights Down Low, Believer, Stressed Out) but What About Us is not one of them. P!nk's voice has actually become annoying for me. Unfortunately...

#1 recommendation for Hits 1: Maroon 5 - Wait [to be reviewed!]

Top 5:
1. Feel It Still
2. ...Ready For It?
3. Save Me A Place
4. Havana
5. Bad At Love

Bottom 5:
1. What About Us
2. Love So Soft
3. Friends
4. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
5. Suicide Hotline Number

Friday, October 13

A pause

I really have a lot to say.

First of all, I don't know how I can get around Las Vegas without mentioning it. So, my prayers go out to all the families with lost ones. This really was sad, and completely unnecessary. And to all the brave ones who came back to help through fire, I raise my glass.

Honestly, I think that USA news is the worst thing that ever came to this earth. In my opinion, with 9/11 anniversaries every year, this year somebody messed up in the head heard was reminded about terrorism. He was then reminded of Omar Mateen's mass killing in 2016. He then thinks to himself, hey, I wan be the one who can do the deadliest mass killer in us history! I have an awful life anyway, I can kill myself after. And so he goes. Kills a bunch of people. Then, on the fantastic USA news, the headlines: Deadlist mass shooting in us history! This the provokes many other shootings, 100% inspired by the Las Vegas one. You probably never heard of them, since they were minor and since many shootings happen in that blasted country every day. Once another one gets to the news, this will illuminate even more psychos. And this continues. I know that I cannot change the news. USA thinks USA is the centre of the world and nothing else matters. I understand! However, I would like to say that all the reports say "acted alone." No. He acted with the help of the news.

Back to music now. I really have not been that active in the comments section. I skipped a week. Basically, my reason is that I had a heck of a lot of physical activity to get doing. I ran something like 20 miles in the past few weeks and did a bunch of training. My P.E. class is super strict, and if I want to pass, I had to do it. Also, entering 9th, I have a bunch of projects, and getting closer to the end of term, I have a sort of three oral per day schedule.

I really lack time. However, I really am not rushing to blog. With Payne, Niall and, now, Ed Sheeran at the top, I really want to scream. I have not had Hits 1 on my radio for the past month, and I am not rushing to re-start my subscription since the music on it is trash. I can hear the good songs like FIS, LDL or LMG on my radio or my CD. And for some reason, Pulse rejected my account. IDK.

So, as far as blogging goes, I am taking a pause FROM THIS BLOG. Doing MWP is really fun and have a look there if you wish to know what music is listen to nowadays. I might some back if songs like SMAP or Thunder hit the top or if DTD debuts just to rejoice. Otherwise, expect a pause for the rest of October.

I still like blogging, don't get me wrong. I just have a lot of work and birthday things to work on. That's another thing, I have to write a story for my mother, and that takes a while.

In all, thanks for viewing, and I will still be around, viewing your blogs, and if you took the time to read that whole paragraph, I love you, man.


Saturday, September 30

Liam Payne (1) - Week #39

I really don't know what to say except that Pulse is taking quite a while to approve my account...

#1 song last year: Closer (1)
#1 song last week: Slow Hands (3)

Linkin Park/Kiiara - Heavy (#41)
The Chainsmokers - Honest (#44)
Fall Out Boy - Champion (#45)

45. Hailee Steinfield - Most Girls (#42)
44. Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (#40)
43. Hey Violet - Hoodie (#35)
42. All Time Low - Good Times (#43)
41. Lady Gaga - The Cure (#39)
40. Kygo/Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me (#37)
39. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#33)
38. Sabrina Carpenter - Why (DEBUT)
37. Andy Grammer - Give Love (#21)[-16]
36. Justin Bieber/Bloodpop - Friends (#31)
35. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (#36)
34. Zedd/Liam Payne - Get Low (#29)
33. Linkin Park - One More Light (#24)
32. Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta - Versace On The Floor (#27)
31. Harry Styles - Two Ghosts (#38)
30. Selena Gomez - Fetish (DEBUT)
29. Louis Tomlinson/Bebe Rexha/DFA - Back To You (#26)
28. Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road (#19)
27. Cheat Codes/Demi Lovato - No Promises (#16)
26. Panic! At The Disco - L.A. Devotee (#30)
25. Logic/Alessia Cara/Khalid - Suicide Hotline Number (DEBUT)[...]
24. Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill (#25)
23. Charlie Puth - Attention (#18)
22. Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (#13)
21. Zedd/Alessia Cara - Stay (#10)
20. The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You (#28)
19. Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee/Justin Bieber - Despacito (#20)
18. Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft (#32)[....................................]
17. All-American Rejects - Sweat (#34)[+17]
16. Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes (#23)
15. Halsey - Bad At Love (#22)
14. Imagine Dragons - Believer (#6)
13. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (#9)[YES!!!]
12. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (#17)
11. Macklemore/Skylar Grey - Glorious (#14)
10. Ke$ha - Praying (#5)
9. The Chainsmokers/Coldplay - Something Just Like This (#8)
8. P!nk - What About Us (#11)
7. Mono Mind/Bridge & Mountain - Save Me A Place (#12)
6. Imagine Dragons - Thunder (#15)
5. Shawn Mendes - TNHMB (#2)[It's a start!]
4. Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry (#3)
3. Niall Horan - Slow Hands (#1)
2. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (#4)[....................................]
1. Liam Payne - Strip That Down (#7)[............................................................... ............................................................................................................]

Biggest jump: Sweat (+17)
Biggest drop: Give Love (-16)

Comments on debuts:
Why sounds a lot like Gold in the chorus, and I have no problem with that. I love Sabrina Carpenter's voice and the song production is really catchy. Thumbs was great for a while before I grew out of it. For now, I hope that Why does well since it is her best single so far.

Fetish is easily Selena Gomez's best song to date. She has released real trash throughout her whole career, and thankfully she finally created a fantastic song on her own. The song i really interesting and has a new sort of sounds I never heard before and I like it! Her voice is used really well and this song is much, much better than Bad Liar.

This week, Hits 1 picked up two rap songs in the form of Rockstar, which is fantastic, and 1-800-something-or-other which is the Suicide Hotline Number. Why take this, instead of Unforgettable, or HUMBLE., Black Beatles or Congratulations earlier in the year? But this, I understand how people can love this song because of the lyrics which are fantastic. However, the whole feel of the song is awful. Logic and Khalid sound awful. Where was the Logic from Sucker For Pain? Definitely not here, where he sounds just like any other rapper. Khalid whining does not help anything. However, Alessia Cara saves the song from complete disaster.

For some extremely strange reason we lost Let Me Go
1. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn
2. Post Malone/21 Savage - Rockstar (DEBUT)
3. Lauv - I Like Me Better
4. Dua Lipa - New Rules
5. Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It?
6. Ed Sheeran - Perfect
7. The Script - Rain
8. Why Don't We - Something Different
9. Bebe Rexha/FGL - Meant To Be (DEBUT)
10. Niall Horan - Too Much To Ask
11. Evaride - Heartless
12. Camila Cabello - Havana (DEBUT)
13. PrettyMuch - Would You Mind
14. Fergie/Nicki Minaj - You Already Know

I've been on a low I've been taking my blurbs
More trash in at the top. Wonderful! I will not be wasting any more time on you.

However, entering the top 10 we have Thunder and Save Me A Place which I will gladly have over any other song in the top 10. Praying and SJLT at #1 would be fantastic also.

At #8, though, we have P!nk - What About Us. I can say that I officially cannot stand this song. It took quite a few weeks of hearing it on and on and on on the radio that the song has become increasingly and increasingly annoying to listen to. Please, stay out of the top 5.

Stay and Believer out of the top 10 is not surprising, but Taylor Swift returning to her debut spot made my week! This song is awful and is only liked since it is Taylor Swift.

Thankfully, Sweat managed to crack the top 20 pretty quickly, a feat too hard for some other fantastic songs earlier this year.

How on earth did Love So Soft jump so quickly? How on earth is this getting any recognition at all? How is Kelly Clarkson popular at all? Honestly, this continent has issues.

What Lovers Do will probably recover next week anyway.

Wow! Give Love really was a flop!

This seems like the end of the road for Lights Down Low and Hoodie. Hoodie will make my year-end list 100%, maybe even on my personal chart. Lights Down Low is a really good contender for my favourite song of 2017.

If we have a look at the exits, Honest had to go. Champion leaving was sad, since it was a fantastic alt-rock song that deserved much better since it is Fall Out Boy. Finally, Heavy, from Linkin Park and Kiiara, leaves. This was a fantastic song and is the most beautiful suicide note I have ever heard. RIP Chester and you will be remembered!

Top 5:
1. Feel It Still
2. LIghts Down Low
3. Save Me A Place
4. Why
5. Fetish

Bottom 5:
1. Love So Soft
2. The Cure
4. Strip That Down
5. Galway Girl

#1 recommendation for Hits 1: Karl Wolf - Secret
Throwback of the week: Collective Soul - The World I Know
Most missed countdown song: OneRepublic - I Lived

Sunday, September 24

Niall Horan (3) - Week #38


By the time that Pulse has accepted my account (@malashenko, btw) and we still have a truck load of trash from young boys at the top I swear I will abandon this blog until we get a half-decent song at #1. The beginning of autumn has started off with a wonderful presentation of new songs, but sadly none of them can get anywhere near the top 10. Anyway, this week had a bunch of big drops but the biggest jump of the week was only +9. We also had a good selection of exits which, coincidentally, were the bottom 4 songs last week. Anyway, more on the countdown in the blurbs.

Julia Michaels - Issues (#42)
The Chainsmokers/Halsey - Closer (#43)
AJR - Weak (#44)
Calvin Harris/Pharrell/Katy Perry - Feels (#45)

#1 song this week one year ago: The Chainsmokers/Daya - Don't Let Me Down (3)
#1 song last week: Niall Horan - Slow Hands (2)

45. Fall Out Boy - Champion (#36)
44. The Chainsmokers - Honest (#31)
43. All Time Low - Good Times (#32)
42. Hailee Steinfeld - Most Girls (#33)
41. Linkin Park/Kiiara - Heavy (#40)
40. Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (#41)
39. Lady Gaga - The Cure (#39)
38. Harry Styles - Two Ghosts (#26)
37. Kygo/Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me (#35)
36. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (#30)
35. Hey Violet - Hoodie (#23)
34. All-American Rejects - Sweat (#38)
33. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#37)
32. Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft (DEBUT)
31. Justin Bieber/BloodPop® - Friends (#27)
30. Panic! At The Disco - L.A. Devotee (#34)
29. Zedd/Liam Payne - Get Low (DEBUT)
28. The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You (DEBUT)
27. Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta - Versace On The Floor (#29)
26. Louis Tomlinson/Bebe Rexha/Digital Farm Animals - Back To You (#19)
25. Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill (#20)
24. Linkin Park - One More Light (#24)
23. Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes (DEBUT)
22. Halsey - Bad At Love (#25)
21. Andy Grammer - Give Love (#28)
20. Luis Fonsi/Justin Bieber/Daddy Yankee - Despacito (#21)
19. Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road (#8) 
18. Charlie Puth - Attention (#13)
17. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (#16)
16. Cheat Codes/Demi Lovato - No Promises (#17)
15. Imagine Dragons - Thunder (#14)
14. Macklemore/Skylar Grey - Glorious (#15)
13. Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (#22)
12. Mono Mind - Save Me A Place (#10)
11. P!nk - What About Us (#18)
10. Zedd/Alessia Cara - Stay (#12)
9. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (#9)
8. The Chainsmokers/Coldplay - Something Just Like This (#7)
7. Liam Payne - Strip That Down (#3)
6. Imagine Dragons - Believer (#6)
5. Kesha - Praying (#11)
4. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (#4)
3. Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry (#5)
2. Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (#2)
1. Niall Horan - Slow Hands (#1)[3rd week]

Biggest jump of the week: Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (+9)
Biggest drop of the week: The Chainsmokers - Honest (-13)

Comments on debuts:
I honestly feel like the only person who cannot stand Kelly Clarkson's voice. Every single song I know from her will probaly end up in my bottom 50 or 100 songs of all time, including PBP, S(WDKY), and HS in my bottom 6 of all time. Put it this way: if you play Wild Thoughts 100 times in a row, I will hate you less that if you play S(WDKY) for 30 seconds. I cannot stand her voice. In this song, her voice is just as awful and makes me cringe so much when I listen to it. However, this time she thinks that she can rap also, which makes the little respect I have for Kelly Clarkson plummet. I know very few people that can rap well, and Kelly Clarkson is definitely not one of them. And there is also the issue with the lyrics. I am taking too long here, so I will say what I wanted to say: this song, nonetheless, is a massive, MASSIVE step up from all her other work and is EASILY her best song. But it is orange. And that tells you something.

Ok, on to the next debut. Get Low really is a weird song that I can never understand and confuses me. The chorus is extremely repetitive and annoying. Liam Payne makes another disaster in his vocal performance.

I remember having Wish I Knew You on my top 30 on paper way back in 2015. I had it there for I think two or three weeks. I liked the 60s feel and I really like his voice. The song has one of the largest throwback feels of modern music.

Sam Smith's voice was good in Latch and Stay With Me. Me first reaction was, Hey! He sounds like Adele, but a guy! Then he had I'm Not The Only One, which was fantastic. Lay Me Down and Like I Can proved to me that this guy's voice was a one-time deal, and thankfully he did not come back until now. In Too Good At Goodbyes, his voice again becomes super annoying and it sounds as if he is whining throughout the whole song and I cannot stand it.

1. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn
2. Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It?
3. Lauv - I Like Me Better (DEBUT)
4. Selena Gomez - Fetish
5. Dua Lipa - New Rules
6. Sabrina Carpenter - Why
7. Hailee Steinfield/Alesso/FGL/Watt - Let Me Go
8. The Script - Rain
9. Evaride - Heartless
10. Ed Sheeran - Perfect
11. Niall Horan - Too Much To Ask (DEBUT)
12. Why Don't We - Something Different
13. PrettyMuch - Would You Mind
14. Fergie/Nicki MInaj - You Already Know (DEBUT)

Blurbs So Soft
I mentioned before, any more or this trash at #1,2,3,4[yes, the fake fiddle DX],7,9 at #1 when my Pulse account gets accepted and I am gone until we get quality music at the top. I am so sick and tired of generic beats and repetitive nonsense in teenagers' songs on Hits 1. Where are songs like Dusk Till Dawn and Fetish, which are actually good songs by young people? Stuck on Hit-Bound for months, or flopping like Back To You. Hopefully Praying can hit a few weeks at the top spot.

With the trash in the top 10, I wouldn't expect much better from #11-20. But we have nine masterpieces just waiting to crack the top 10. Hopefully one of these can make an impact (preferably Feel It Still).

It took until #34, Sweat, to get a jump on the countdown. How about I talk about some of these drops?

Champion and Hoodie are still fantastic and I would have loved if they had done better, especially the former considering that it is from Fall Out Boy. Hopefully Last Of The Real Ones can be the one to make the breakthrough.

Good Times did much better than I expected, and I will be missed.

Honest and Two Ghosts dropping made my day. Most Girls dropping made my weekend.
And if we have a look at the exits, all of them deserved to go except Feels. Issues was a boring speech from an annoying songwriter, Weak was another anoying speech, but this time from an extremely annoying group that has made a total of one good song, I'm Not Famous. Feels was extremely underrated and will definitely make my year-end list for its catchiness.
And finally... Closer is FINALLY off the countdown after weeks and weeks and weeks of overplay and constant praise form everybody I know, this repetitive, unnecessary, annoying «song» that completely destroyed both «artists»' reputation for me. Thank you for all the people who did not vote for Closer this week!
Top 5:
1. Feel It Still
2. Lights Down Low
3. Save Me A Place
4. Champion
5. Back To You

Bottom 5:
1. Love So Soft
2. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
3. Strip That Down
4. Slow Hands
5. Look What You Made Me Do

#1 recommendation: Alan Walker - Spectre
Most missed countdowns song: P!nk - Try
Throwback pick of the week: Britney Spears - Toxic

Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, September 17

Niall Horan (2) - Week #37

I apologize for the delay, and I apologize for the lame post. I really have no time, so the blurbs will be cut for this week except one. Why? Oh...

Our one exit comes from...

 DJ Khaled w/ a lot of help from Santana/Rihanna/Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts (#43)


Anyway, here is the full countdown:

45. Calvin Harris/Pharrell/Katy Perry - Feels (#39)
44. AJR - Weak (#28) [nice!]
43. The Chainsmokers/Halsey - Closer (#45)[get out!]
42. Julia Michaels - Issues (#44)
41. Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (#41)
40. Linkin Park/Kiiara - Heavy (#42) 
39. Lady Gaga - The Cure (#38)
38. All-American Rejects - Sweat (DEBUT)
37. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#26)[oof!]
36. Fall Out Boy - Champion (#31)
35. Kygo/Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me (#36)
34. Panic At The Disco - L.A. Devotee (#33)
33. Hailee Steinfeld - Most Girls (#24)
32. All Time Low - Good Times (#29)
31. The Chainsmokers - Honest (#25)
30. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (#27)
29. Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta - Versace On The Floor (#30)
28. Andy Grammer - Give Love (#37)
27. Justin Bieber/Bloodpop - Friends (#32)
26. Harry Styles - Two Ghosts (#40)
25. Halsey - Bad At Love (#34)
24. Linkin Park - One More Light (#6)
23. Hey Violet - Hoodie (#21)
22. Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (#23)
21. Luis Fonsi/Justin Bieber/Daddy Yankee - Despacito (#22)
20. Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill (#11)
19. Louis Tomlinson/Bebe Rexha/Digital Farm Animals - Back To You (#18)
18. P!nk - What About Us (#15)
17. Cheat Codes/Demi Lovato - No Promises (#16)
16. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (#35)
15. Macklemore/Skylar Grey - Glorious (#20)
14. Imagine Dragons - Thunder (#17)
13. Charlie Puth - Attention (#14)
12. Zedd/Alessia Cara - Stay (#7)
11. Kesha - Praying (#13)
10. Mono Mind - Save Me A Place (#12)
9. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (#10)
8. Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road (#3)
7. The Chainsmokers/Coldplay - Something Just Like This (#5)
6. Imagine Dragons - Believer (#8)
5. Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry (#9)
4. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (#19)
3. Liam Payne - Strip That Down (#2)
2. Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (#1)
1. Niall Horan - Slow Hands (#4) 

Biggest jump of the week: Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (+19)[yeah!]
Biggest drop of the week: Linkin Park - One More Light (-18)

#1 song this week one year ago: The Chainsmokers/Daya - Don't Let Me Down (2)

Comments on debut:
The All-American Rejects almost never change the feel of their song from song to song, and so all their songs maintain a catchy half-throwback feel. That is all I can really say about this one, except that I really like the All-American Rejects.

1. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn
2. Taylor Swift - ... Ready For It? 
3. Dua Lipa - New Rules (DEBUT)
4. Selena Gomez - Fetish 
5. Sabrina Carpenter - Why 
6. The Script - Rain
7. Ed Sheeran - Perfect (DEBUT) 
8. Hailee Steinfeld/Alesso/FGL/Watt - Let Me Go 
9. Evaride - Heartless 
10. Why Don't We - Something Different 
11. Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes 
12. Zedd/Liam Payne - Get Low
13. PrettyMuch - Would You Mind
14. Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft
When I'm with you, all I get is wild blurbs
After a time i would say, maybe, not exaggerating, 5 times shorter than I expected, Wild Thoughts finally leaves us. This is a fantastic contender for the worst song on Hits 1 in 2017. The guitar riff is fantastic, and that is the main reason I hate this song. I am listening to Maria Maria over and over again so that when I hear this song is doesn't get stuck in my head. Not that it could; it has absolutely no beat and the lyrics are painful. The song itself is extremely boring, and taking the exact riff of Maria Maria makes me even more angry at DJ Khaled. Whoever is playing the guitar cannot do it like Santana. And I couldn't care less whether Khaled was a nice person. It does not mean that I have to like his music. Bryson Tiller is another trashy rapper that interrupts the song for no reason, but at least he delays Rihanna from wreaking havoc again. All I can say is, GOODBYE!!! YOU WILL NEVER BE MISSED!!!
Oh, and I thank the voters for appreciating Feel It Still!!!
Top 5:
1. Feel It Still
2. Save Me A Place
3. Sweat
4. Lights Down Low
5. Champion
Bottom 5:
1. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
2. Friends
3. Weak
4. Strip That Down
5. Body Like A Back Road
Throwback pick of the week: Santana/The Product G&B - Maria Maria
Most missed countdown song: X Ambassadors - Renegades 
#1 recommendation for Hits 1: Dmitri Vegas/Like Mike/David Guetta/Kiiara - Complicated

Sunday, September 10

Shawn Mendes (5 very long and annoying weeks) - Week #36

I am so tired of all this trash clogging up the top 5. I can't stand how overrated all these songs are, and they would never have been popular had it been from any other artists. That being said, this week wasn't too bad. This is the second week in a row where many things happened. We have 5+ exits for the first time in what feels like forever, and Hit-Bound is looking ok. Thankfully, I had time to do blurbs, so I will extend them to include some information from last week. From now on, my posts will be out 95% on Sundays, since I have my Russian school on Saturday.
Outside of blogging, Irma is causing some serious issues in the Caribbean and Florida. My father had to evacuate, and he literally had to carry imported tanks of gas in his car to leave the state since nobody is working at the gas station. My best wishes go out to all the victims and evacuees.

Julia Michaels - Uh Huh (#33)
Shawn Mendes - Mercy (#35)
Halsey - Now Or Never (#36)
Train - Play That Song (#41)
Steve Aoki/Louis Tomlinson - Just Hold On (#44)
Selena Gomez - Bad Liar (#45)

#1 song this week one year ago: The Chainsmokers/Daya - Don't Let Me Down (1/3)
#1 song last week: Niall Horan - Slow Hands (1)

45. The Chainsmokers/Halsey - Closer (#38)[8]
44. Julia Michaels - Issues (#44)
43. DJ Khaled/Rihanna/Bryson Tiller - Wild Thoughts (#40)
42. Linkin Park/Kiiara - Heavy (#37)
41. Bruno Mars - That's What I Like (#41)[1]
40. Harry Styles - Two Ghosts (DEBUT)
39. Calvin Harris/Pharrell/Katy Perry - Feels (#22)
38. Lady Gaga - The Cure (#39)
37. Andy Grammer - Give Love (DEBUT)
36. Kygo/Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me (#28)
35. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (DEBUT)
34. Halsey - Bad At Love (DEBUT)
33. Panic! At The Disco - L.A. Devotee (#29)
32. Justin Bieber/BloodPop - Friends (DEBUT)
31. Fall Out Boy - Champion (#16)
30. Bruno Mars vs. David Guetta - Versace On The Floor (#30)
29. All Time Low - Good Times (#14)
28. AJR - Weak (#27)
27. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (#21)[9]
26. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#15)
25. The Chainsmokers - Honest (#24)
24. Hailee Steinfeld - Most Girls (#11)
23. Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (DEBUT)
22. Luis Fonsi/Justin Bieber/Daddy Yankee - Despacito (#32)
21. Hey Violet - Hoodie (#25)
20. Macklemore/Skylar Grey - Glorious (#20)
19. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (#31)
18. Louis Tomlinson/Bebe Rexha/Digital Farm Animals - Back To You (#19)
17. Imagine Dragons - Thunder (#26)
16. Cheat Codes/Demi Lovato - No Promises (#34)
15. P!nk - What About Us (#17)
14. Charlie Puth - Attention (#6)[1]
13. Kesha - Praying (#23)
12. Mono Mind/Bridge & Mountain - Save Me A Place (#18)
11. Ed Sheeran - Castle On The Hill (#10)[3]
10. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (#13)
9. Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry (#12)
8. Imagine Dragons - Believer (#8)[3]
7. Zedd/Alessia Cara - Stay (#7)[4]
6. Linkin Park - One More Light (#5)
5. The Chainsmokers/Coldplay - Something Just Like This (#9)[3]
4. Niall Horan - Slow Hands (#1)[1]
3. Sam Hunt - Body Like A Back Road (#3)
2. Liam Payne - Strip That Down (#2)
1. Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (#4)[5]

Biggest jump of the week: No Promises (+18)
Biggest drop of the week: Feels (-17)

Comments on debuts:
To kick off the six debuts, we have Two Ghosts. My issue with this song is that has too much of a throwback feel to be a modern rock song. Also, the whole song is on the same level and that makes it boring. Sign Of The Times was fantastic. But I feel that in Two Ghosts, Harry Styles wanders too much.

Next up is Andy Grammer who, finally, debuts with his song Give Love. The song, I think, is his best work so far. It helps that I never hear it. It also helps that it has a cool beat, and has a somewhat catchy aspect to it.

When I first heard Feel It Still (I believe it was in March), I loved it, but I didn't really hear it enough to have it in my top 30. When it finally became popular, however, I realized how so amazingly catchy the song is. Her voice is fantastic, and the repeated guitar makes the song so much fun to dance too. Portugal. The Man have just created their best song so far.

Halsey is seriously heading head first to rock bottom. I feel like this is the last straw. I only like this song because it is Halsey. If she continues to release songs like this, I feel that she would have left my top 30 for good. I feel that she is going too much to the rap side, and creating stranger lyrics, even stranger than normal. I hope she releases Strangers soon so that she can keep up her talent.

Oh, boy. More Justin Bieber. I find when Justin Bieber makes his own music as the lead artist, it is awful (except The Feeling) and when he collaborates as a featured artist, the song is amazing (except I'm The One). Once again, he shows that he has a great voice, but cannot use it in catchy songs. Bloodpop destroys the mediocre song with that awful drop, and the lyrics make me want to cry.

Rather high up is our last debut, What Lovers Do. It took some time for me to grow into SZA. She sounds very cool in this song, and made herself a good impression on me. Maroon 5, however, are average for an artist, but much, much below average considering that it is Maroon 5. Adam Levine sounds much better in his regular voice than in his falsetto, which makes me scream.

1. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (DEBUT)
2. Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It? (DEBUT)
3.  Sabrina Carpenter - Why
4. Selena Gomez - Fetish
5. All-American Rejects - Sweat
6. The Script - Rain (DEBUT)
7. The Revivalists - Wish I Knew You
8. Evaride - Heartless
9. Hailee Steinfield/Alesso/Florida Georgia Line - Let Me Go (DEBUT)
10. Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes (DEBUT)
11. Why Don't We  Something Different
12. Zedd/Liam Payne - Get Low
13. PrettyMuch - Would You Mind
14. Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft (DEBUT)

What blurbers do
I had no issues with Uh Huh, Mercy and Play That Song had to go eventually, Redbone was kind of cool, Just Hold On was fantastic and will 100% make my year end top 45, and Bad Liar was trash. Those are the exits, to sum it up.

As I mentioned, we have four absolutely horrific pieces of trash currently sitting at #1-4. I think that this is Shawn Mendes's best performance yet, by definitely his worst «song» yet. Strip That Down is just a generic rap song and nothing without Quavo. Body Like A Back Road is another piece of trash that was overrated everywhere and that two people in the whole wide world like. And Slow Hands was so overplayed that it has become extremely, extremely, annoying. I would take the top ten entrants by Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift at #1 over these songs any day.

However, if I had a choice, I would definitely take Stay, Believer, or Something Just Like This at #1. All those songs are still solid and can stay near the top as much as they want.

Praying is getting closer and closer to the top 10. Hopefully is can replace some of the trash that has been there forever.

After a fantastic stay at #15 for two weeks out of three, Lights Down Low was destined to drop a heck of a lot. This song is still beautiful. It is really popular on my radio right now, by the way.

Champion, Good Times, and Feels were all great song that deserved to perform better.

If we have a look at last week's debuts, Galway Girl and No Promises made massive jumps which honestly I would have preferred to see long ago, Save Me A Place is still going strong, and surprisingly, Look What You Made Me Do just barely made the top 10. The odds were high on this one hitting #1 this week, and I was really surprised when it didn't even enter the top 5.

Top 5:
1. Feel It Still
2. Lights Down Low
3. Champion
4. Back To You
5. Save Me A Place

Bottom 5:
1. Wild Thoughts
2. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
3. One More Light
4. Body Like A Back Road
5. Weak

#1 recommendation for Hits 1: Blackbear - Do Re Mi (never gonna happen)
Throwback pick of the week: Maroon 5 - This Love
Most missed countdown song: Shawn Mendes - Life Of The Party