Friday, February 9

Week #6 (MWP)


Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (#8)

10. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#10)
9. Mike Shinoda - Over Again (#6)
8. Post Malone/21 Savage - Rockstar (#5)
7. Logic/Rag'n'Bone Man - Broken People (#9)
6. NF - Let You Down (#1)
5. ZAYN/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (#6)
4. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (#2)
3. Welshly Arms - Legendary (DEBUT)
2. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#3)
1. BTS/Steve Aoki/No Desiigner Thank You - MIC Drop (#4)[1st]

Saturday, February 3

Week #5 (complete)

10. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#8)
9. Logic/Rag'n'Bone Man - Broken People (#6)
8. Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (#7)
7. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (#9)
6. Mike Shinoda - Over Again (#5)
5. Post Malone/21 Savage - Rockstar (#4)
4. BTS/Desiigner/Steve Aoki - MIC Drop (DEBUT)
3. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#1)
2. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (#2)
1. NF - Let You Down (#3)

I can't believe I got this out on time for once.

I never would have thought that End Game would reach #1 ever. Even when it jumped to #5 next week, I just said whatever and didn't realize that it could hit #1. So therefore I kept it around blue. But now I realized that this song is really bad. Taylor Swift's chorus is not the problem at all. The verses, all of them, are so painful to listen to. They do not go with the song. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran rapping does not sound good, and Future does not sound good on any occasion. Of the singles that Taylor Swift released from Reputation, this one was the worst. I would have prefered for ...Ready For It? to hit #1, or even Look What You Made Me Do or Gorgeous. But not this. Anyway, we have a very sad exit this week...

Liam Payne - Strip That Down (#33)[2]
Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (#40)

45. Charlie Puth – Attention (#43) [1]
44. Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry (#37) [1]
43. Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes (#42)
42. Taylor Swift – ...Ready For It? (#41)[Yellow only because End Game is #1]
41. P!nk – What About Us (#44) [1]
40. The Shadowboxers – Hot Damn (#45)
39. Symon – Lonely Girl (#31)
38. WOLVES – Animal (#38)
37. Kesha – Praying (#39)
36. Niall Horan – Slow Hands (#36) [3]
35. All Time Low – Last Young Renegade (DEBUT)
34. Louis Tomlinson – Miss You (#25)
33. Maroon 5/SZA – What Lovers Do (#30)
32. Zedd/Maren Morris/Grey – The Middle (DEBUT)
31. Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl (#32) [4]
30. Justin Timberlake – Filthy (#26)
29. Shawn Mendes – There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (#29) [5]
28. Camila Cabello – Havana (#11) [1]{???}
27. Niall Horan – Too Much To Ask (#22)
26. Post Malone/21 Savage – Rockstar (#15) :(
25. Maroon 5 – Wait (#20)
24. NF – Let You Down (#35)
23. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (#24)
22. Bruno Mars/Cardi B – Finesse (#21)
21. Fall Out Boy – Hold Me Tight Or Don't (#18)
20. G-Eazy/Halsey – Him & I (#19)
19. Imagine Dragons – Believer (#16) [3]
18. Dua Lipa – New Rules (#13)
17. MAX/Gnash – Lights Down Low (#27) lol
16. Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same (#28)
15. P!nk – Beautiful Trauma (#34){NOOOOOO!}
14. Lauv – I Like Me Better (#17)
13. Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft (#14)
12. Eminem/Ed Sheeran – River (#23)
11. Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line – Meant To Be (#6)
10. Halsey – Bad At Love (#2) [2]
9. Charlie Puth – How Long (#8)
8. X Ambassadors – Ahead Of Myself (#12)???
7. Macklemore/Kesha – Good Old Days (#4)
6. Walk The Moon – One Foot (#10)
5. Hailee Steinfeld/Alesso/Florida Georgia Line/watt – Let Me Go (#9)
4. Ed Sheeran – Perfect (#3) [2]
3. Selena Gomez/Marshmello – Wolves (#7)
2. Imagine Dragons – Thunder (#1) [5]
1. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Future – End Game (#5)[1st] 

Biggest jump of the week: P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (+19)[NOOOOOOO!]
Biggest drop of the week: Camila Cabello - Havana (-17)[NOOOOOOO!] 

Comments on debuts:
Last Young Renegade is fine. Nothing like I listen to sometimes in terms of rock, but pretty different that what you normally hear. I don't really feel much for this song. I feels very forgettable.

Middle has received many mixed opinions, but I side with those who said that Zedd is becoming lazy, I think so 100%. There are some times that really repetitive beats become catchy, like Mi Gente, or, more recently, MIC Drop, one of my new jams. But if you create chaos like this where you can't keep track it hurts your head. I don't really enjoy Grey except for Crown. So yeah. The production kills this song, but Maren Morris is fine.


  • AJR/Rivers Cuomo – Sober Up
  • Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment
  • Alan Walker/Noah Cyrus/Digital Farm Animals – All Falls Down
  • Spencer – Whatever
  • Kesha/The Dap-Kings Horns – Woman
  • Justin Timberlake/Chris Stapleton – Say Something (DEBUT)
  • Post Malone – I Fall Apart
  • Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes
  • The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy
  • Troye Sivan – My My My!
  • Clean Bandit/Julia Michaels – I Miss You
  • Welshly Arms – Legendary (DEBUT)
  • Wild Things – Don't Wanna Feel It
  • Sofi Tukker/NERVO/The Knocks/Alisa √úno – Best Friend
    ~Say Something is better than Filthy, and Legendary is throwback material, but I love it.

    Top 5:
    1. Sick Boy
    2. Legendary
    3. My My My!
    4. Whatever It Takes
    5. I Fall Apart

    Why Don't You Just Blurb Me In The Middle
    I talked about End Game in the intro. Our top 5 looks atrocious. Wolves is the only bad+ song. I really hope One Foot can reach #1, that would be so fun. How Long is probably heading downward now. I don't get what Ahead Of Myself is doing in the top 10. And that is really all about the top 10. Not much is happening in this section.

    Nice to see River back at #12. I really thought that this guy was done for, so I was really happy when I didn't hear it until #12. Lights Down Low up there too is funny.

    However, our top 20 is congested with awful music. Tell me what Beautiful Trauma is doing way up there on its second week. What is so good about this song? Love So Soft is popular nowhere else to my recognition, certainly not with me. Never Be The Same is Camila's worst. Hopefully we can get rid of this stuff ASAP.

    It is VERY nice to see Let You Down jump that much on its second week. That song really is fantastic and I hope it can continue its run!

    I think Havana's drop was really unnecessary. I still love the song and it is still popular. That was sad for me.

    I'm glad to see FIlthy drop so much even before JT's big performance! Hopefully he doesn't perform this, but he probably will, which will result in this jumping or Say Something debuting, both of which I really do not want.

    Nice to see Strip That Down go. One step closer to a fresh countdown. Not that I want much of the Hit-Bound songs to debut. Speaking of which, most of them aren't really Hit-Bound.

    It really was unfortunate to see Dusk Till Dawn go without anything happening. At least it made the top 10 for a week. But otherwise, its tenure was pathetic. I don't see anything wrong with this song at all. This song, in my opinion, is as close to perfect as you can get. Too bad.

    Top 5:
    1. Let You Down
    2. Rockstar
    3. Lights Down Low
    4. River
    5. Hold Me Tight Or Don't

    Bottom 5:
    1. Beautiful Trauma
    2. Too Good At Goodbyes
    3. What About Us
    4. Good Old Days
    5. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

    #1 recommendation for Hits 1: BTS/Steve Aoki/probably without Desiigner - MIC Drop
    Throwback pick of the week: Linkin Park - In The End [back to listening to them over and over and Over Again]
    Most missed countdown song: Hey Violet - Guys My Age

    Thanks for viewing!

    Thursday, February 1

    Week #4

    I am making my 10,000 pageview special a Q&A since I have no other ideas. The form creators are broken, so simply leave a comment then immediately delete it if you want nobody else to see it or just leave it there if you don't care. Either way, I will see it and will get back to you during the Q&A. I'll leave you guys until the 9th at 5:00 so I can work on it on Friday. Thanks!

    10. G-Eazy/Halsey - Him & I (RE-ENTRY)
    9. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (#7)
    8. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#10)
    7. Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (#1)
    6. Logic/Rag'n'Bone Man - Broken People (#3)
    5. Mike Shinoda - Over Again (DEBUT)
    4. Post Malone/21 Savage - Rockstar (RE-ENTRY)
    3. NF - Let You Down (#9)
    2. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (#2)
    1. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#4) [1]

    I don't get what Imagine Dragons are doing at #1. Hey, in my opinion Whatever It Takes is ancient. And the single released around this time last year is rolling along at #1. I can't take this. Although I loved this song before, it is really on the edge of my hate. Please leave the top spot for your own good. Music in general is awful nowadays. Like, when I can't pick between seven awful songs which one I should put orange, and I just stick em all in that colour because I literally cannot pick.

    I apologize for the late post. Exam week :(

    Liam Payne – Bedroom Floor (#26)
    Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You (#39) [9 Weeks At #1]
    Harry Styles – Kiwi (#43)
    Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do (#44)

    45. The Shadowboxers – Hot Damn (#45)
    44. P!nk – What About Us (#42) [1 Week At #1]
    43. Charlie Puth – Attention (#41) [1 Week At #1]
    42. Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes (#20)[YES!!!!!]{thank you!}
    41. Taylor Swift – ...Ready For It? (#31)
    40. Zayn/Sia – Dusk Till Dawn (#35)
    39. Kesha – Praying (#36)
    38. Wolves – Animal (DEBUT)
    37. Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry (#29) [1 Week At #1]
    36. Niall Horan – Slow Hands (#39) [3 Weeks At #1]
    35. NF – Let You Down (DEBUT)
    34. P!nk – Beautiful Trauma (DEBUT)
    33. Liam Payne – Strip That Down (#37) [1 Week At #1]
    32. Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl (#32)
    31. Symon – Lonely Girl (#34)
    30. Maroon 5/SZA – What Lovers Do (#16)
    29. Shawn Mendes – There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (#28) [5 Weeks At #1]
    28. Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same (DEBUT)
    27. MAX/Gnash – Lights Down Low (#30)
    26. Justin Timberlake – Filthy (#23)
    25. Louis Tomlinson – Miss You (#22)
    24. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (#18)
    23. Eminem/Ed Sheeran – River (#24)
    22. Niall Horan – Too Much To Ask (#7)
    21. Bruno Mars/Cardi B – Finesse (#33)
    20. Maroon 5 – Wait (#38)
    19. G-Eazy/Halsey – Him & I (#21)
    18. Fall Out Boy – Hold Me Tight Or Don't (#25)
    17. Lauv – I Like Me Better (#19)[how did i ever like this?]
    16. Imagine Dragons – Believer (#14) [3 Weeks At #1]
    15. Post Malone/21 Savage – Rockstar (#17)
    14. Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft (#10)
    13. Dua Lipa – New Rules (#11)
    12. X Ambassadors – Ahead Of Myself (#27)
    11. Camila Cabello – Havana (#6) [1 Week At #1]
    10. Walk The Moon – One Foot (#12)
      9. Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso/Florida Georgia Line/Watt – Let Me Go (#8)
      8. Charlie Puth – How Long (#2)
      7. Selena Gomez/Marshmello – Wolves (#13)
      6. Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line – Meant To Be (#3)
      5. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Future – End Game (#15)
      4. Macklemore/Kesha – Good Old Days (#9)
      3. Ed Sheeran – Perfect (#5) [2 Weeks At #1]
      2. Halsey – Bad At Love (#4) [2 Weeks At #1]
      1. Imagine Dragons – Thunder (#1) [5th Week At #1]

    #1 Song This Week One Year Ago: Twenty One Pilots – Heathens (2)

    Biggest DROP!!!... Of The Week: Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes (–22)

    Biggest Jump Of The Week: Maroon 5 – Wait (+18)

    Comments on debuts:
    I love everything about Animal except the drop. I feel as if they opened up garage band, took out every instrument in the program, and had them all play the same notes at the same time. It really is a shame the drop had to be so bad to complement such a good song. Similar to Young & Menace.

    Let's face it, rap music sucks. I don't have to convince many of you. But, now more than before, some really good rap songs are coming out. I feel like all this started with Congratulations and HUMBLE. for me. I really loved those two, and then I started looking into rap music. Some of it is fun, some meaningful, but most of it is trash, actually. But, as I said, songs like Let You Down come out once in a while to prevent me from saying that I hate rap. I feel like this really is one of those powerful rap songs. The last chorus is absolutely magnificent and the combination of his voice with the, uh (computer?) is great, and the verses are pretty catchy, too. I am really glad this could be one of the few rap songs that make in on here, and it is really popular everywhere else. I hope it can have success here.

    I have real trouble making my bottom 5 with JT, Sam Smith, Kelly Clarkson & co, but adding more P!nk to the countdown will not help. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot stand her voice any longer. It really annoys me. Especially if she makes boring songs that she intends to use to showcase her "talent" like this. This is crazy! I thought P!nk was a good artist. If only she could have at least one good song on her album to make up for all this.

    I have always loved Camila since she split. I actually didn't like Havana at first, but that changed big time. However, I don't get the hype for falsetto use. I don't like it. Nobody can do it well, except Zayn and Sia in Dusk Till Dawn, if you can even call it falsetto. Anyway, Never Be The Same is boring, repetitive, and annoying, like a bunch of other songs.

    Sofi Tukker et al – Best Friend
    Troye Sivan – My My My!
    Clean Bandit/Julia Michaels – I Miss You

    The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy
    Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment (DEBUT)
    Post Malone – I Fall Apart (DEBUT)
    All Time Low – Last Young Renegade
    Wild Things – Don't Wanna Feel It (DEBUT)
    Zedd/Maren Morris/Grey – The Middle (DEBUT)
    Alan Walker/Noah Cyrus/Digital Farm Animals – All Falls Down
    AJR/Rivers Cuomo – Sober Up
    Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes [WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE???]
    Kesha/The Dap-King Horns – Woman
    Spencer – Whatever

    ~Live In The Moment is great, I have always loved the video. I Fall Apart reminds me of Rockstar, but Rockstar is much much better. Don't Wanna Feel It has less than 2000 views and deservedly so. I agree with Adrian on Zedd. He is getting lazy.

    Top 5:
    1. Sick Boy
    2. My My My!
    3. Whatever It Takes
    4. Best Friend
    5. Live In The Moment

    I'm sorry that I let you blurb
    Our top 5 is looking really bad, reminiscent of a while back. I can't believe I ever liked our top 3.

    All the songs in green should actually be blue, and Wolves should be bad. The standards are just so low for me that I boosted them up a bit.

    I laugh at Lights Down Low whenever I hear it now. 

    I'm sad that Niall had to take a drop this week with Too Much To Ask. I really like that song, and so far it is definitely his best. He definitely shouldn't have sworn though since that ruined the atmosphere.

    I feel that I like the explicit version of River better than the radio version. What I love about Eminem is how somebody can be so angry. I have never heard a voice so angry as Eminem. I feel for his loved ones who have to live with this. However, Ed Sheeran counterbalances the anger and the effect is what I love so much.

    In case you didn't know, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park released an EP a few weeks ago half a year after Chester's death to express his feelings. I feel that this brings all that sadness back, and Mikee did really really with these three songs. Check them out. My personal favourite is Over Again, although Place To STart seems popular too. Check them out!

    I really don't have much to say this week for some reason. Except...


    Top 5:
    1. Let You Down
    2. Rockstar
    3. River
    4. Dusk Till Dawn
    5. Lights Down Low

    #1 recommendation for Hits 1: Mike Shinoda - Over Again
    Most missed countdown song: Linkin Park/Kiiara - Heavy
    Throwback pick of the week: Linkin Park - In The End

    Thanks for viewing!

    Saturday, January 27

    Week #3

    Sorry for the delay (sigh) bunch of work. i see that you guys understand also :)

    10. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (RE-ENTRY)
    9. NF - Let You Down (#3)
    8. Machine Gun Kelly/X Ambassadors/Bebe Rexha - Home (#8)
    7. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (RE-ENTRY)
    6. Hedley - Better Days (#6)
    5. Post Malone/21 Savage - Rockstar (#2)
    4. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (DEBUT)
    3. Logic/Rag'n'Bone Man - Broken People (#9)
    2. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (DEBUT)[I DON'T CARE!]
    1. Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (#1)[4th]

    I would like to take this intro, when I have most of you guys' attention, to talk about the new Chainsmokers. As you can see above, I love it. A lot. My whole vision of The Chainsmokers has changed because of this song. Not just the quality of the music. They really took it down a notch, which is fantastic. The whole entire song is awesome, and I will talk about it more some time when it debuts. It reminds me a lot of Twenty One Pilots

    But I want to talk about the lyrics. Once I actually listened to them, I realized how awesome they were. I now respect The Chainsmokers with lyrics like "how many likes is my life worth", "Don't believe the narcissism, when everyone projects and expects you to listen to 'em", "And we can pick sides, but this is us, this is us". If you don't get it, I will not explain. I do not want to start a dispute. But I am totally for this and am so proud of The Chainsmokers now.


    Zedd/Alessia Cara - Stay (#42)[4 weeks at #1]

    45. The Shadowboxers - Hot Damn (#41)
    44. Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do (#44) 
    43. Harry Styles - Kiwi (#45)
    42. P!nk - What About Us (#37) [1 Week At #1]
    41. Charlie Puth - Attention (#40) [1 Week At #1]
    40. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (#39) [9 Weeks At #1]
    39. Niall Horan - Slow Hands (#38) [3 Weeks At #1]
    38. Maroon 5 - Wait (DEBUT)
    37. Liam Payne - Strip That Down (#36) [2 Weeks At #1]
    36. Kesha - Praying (#33)
    35. Zayn/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (#32)
    34. Symon - Lonely Girl (#27)
    33. Bruno Mars/Cardi B - Finesse (#30)
    32. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (#32) [4 Weeks At #1]
    31. Taylor Swift - ...Ready For It? (#35)
    30. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#43)[lol]
    29. Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry (#28) [1 Week At #1]
    28. Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (#29) [5 Weeks At #1]
    27. X Ambassadors - Ahead Of Myself (#21)
    26. Liam Payne - Bedroom Floor (#26)
    25. Fall Out Boy - Hold Me Tight Or Don't (#19)
    24. Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (#14)[??]
    23. Justin Timberlake - Filthy (#24)
    22. Louis Tomlinson - Miss You (#34)
    21. G-Eazy & Halsey - Him & I (#20)
    20. Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes (#13)
    19. Lauv - I Like Me Better (#18)
    18. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (#23)
    17. Post Malone/21 Savage - Rockstar (#16)
    16. Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (#15)
    15. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Future - End Game (#22)
    14. Imagine Dragons - Believer (#17) [3 Weeks At #1]
    13. Selena Gomez & Marshmello - Wolves (#8)
    12. Walk The Moon - One Foot (#25)
    11. Dua Lipa - New Rules (#12)
    10. Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft (#7)
    9. Macklemore/Kesha - Good Old Days (#10)
    8. Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso/Florida Georgia Line/watt - Let Me Go (#4)
    7. Niall Horan - Too Much To Ask (#11)
    6. Camila Cabello - Havana (#5) [1 Week At #1]
    5. Ed Sheeran - Perfect (#1) [2 Weeks At #1]
    4. Halsey - Bad At Love (#2) [2 Weeks At #1]
    3. Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line - Meant To Be (#6)
    2. Charlie Puth - How Long (#9)
    1. Imagine Dragons - Thunder (#3) [4th Week At #1]

    Biggest drop: Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (-10)[NOOOOOO!}

    Biggest jump: MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low; Walk The Moon - One Foot (+13)

    Comments on debut:
    Wait is fun, I believe I talked about it before. If you want the whole raving, see the Red Pill Blues review here.

      NF - Let You Down
        Kesha/Dap-Kings Horns - Woman
          Camila Cabello - Never Be The Same
            Alan Walker/Noah Cyrus/DFA - All Falls Down
              P!nk - Beautiful Trauma
                Spencer - Whatever
                  Troye Sivan - My My My!
                    Clean Bandit/Julia Michaels - I Miss You
                      Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes [what on Earth are you doing here???]
                        The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (DEBUT)
                          Wolves - Animal
                            All Time Low - Last Young Renegade
                              AJR/Rivers Cuomo - Sober Up
                                Sofi Tukker/NERVO/The Knocks/Alisa Ueno - Best Friend

                                Top 5:
                                1. SIck Boy
                                2. Whatever It Takes
                                3. Let You Down
                                4. Best Friend
                                5. Sober Up

                                If it's meant to blurb, it'll blurb
                                Thunder at #1 again. If this is not the last week, I don't know when that will be. I would much prefer our #2 or #3 to hit #1 since I love them a lot.

                                I feel like our top 5/6 is not changing much. We need action!

                                My bottom 5 is getting really hard to make. I take about a whole minute to write down 5 or 6 songs, and I have to give Filthy the 4th spot even if it is horrible. Love So Soft and Good Old Days have to appear there also, and What About Us, Sam Smith, and, of course, TNHMB... Honestly, Good Old Days is 100% orange-worthy. But songs in general nowadays are awful.

                                One Foot jumping is fantastic, but not unexpected, since I heard it a lot during the week.  What is surprising is Believer still in the top 20. But I still adore that song, and will always. It is epic.

                                I have stayed the biggest fan of Lights Down Low that I know, and with its fun tenure I can only cheer for it more. When it makes weird jumps randomly I always appreciate it. I find it really hard to believe that a song can stay here for so long and have a peak of #15.

                                Anyway, I have to go. Bye!

                                Top 5:
                                T1. River
                                T1. Rockstar
                                3. Hold Me Tight Or Don't
                                4. Lights Down Low
                                5. One Foot

                                Bottom 5:
                                T1. What About Us
                                T1. Too Good At Goodbyes
                                3. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
                                4. Filthy
                                T5. Love So Soft
                                T5. Good Old Days

                                #1 recommendation for Hits 1: Post Malone - I Fall Apart
                                Throwback pick of the week: Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
                                Most missed countdown song: Linkin Park/Kiiara - Heavy

                                Thanks for viewing!