Wednesday, April 4

1/4 year preview (MWP)

Here is a little something I did with my spare time because why not.

Top 10 MWP songs so far

> means the song is still charting
The # in () is the amount of points: (13 - the position on the chart) each week
The # in [] is the position last year, if any 

1. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (117 pts)>
2. NF - Let You Down (99 pts)[#55]>
3. Post Malone/21 Savage - Rockstar (93 pts)[#8]
4. BTS/Steve Aoki - MIC Drop (90 pts)>
5. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (87 pts)>
6. Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (71 pts)
7. Machine Gun Kelly/X Ambassadors/Bebe Rexha - Home (64 pts)[#77]
8. ZAYN/Sia - Dusk Till Dawn (59 pts)[#3]
9. Logic/Rag'n'Bone Man - Broken People (56 pts)[#81]
10. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (49 pts)>

Charting under #10:
11. Bad Wolves - Zombie [4 weeks at #1](48 pts)>
T15. 5SOS - Want You Back (29 pts)>
26. Panic! At The Disco - Say Amen (Saturday Night)(11 pts)>
T29. Zayde Wolf - Army (6 pts)>
T32. Echosmith - Over My Head (5 pts)>

Thanks for checking in :)

Be sure to check out the previous countdown post if you haven't already.

Tuesday, April 3

Week #13

Sorry about this late post. I had a bunch of things to do on the weekend, but I now have this whole next week off and boy am I going to cherish it :) The countdown this week has three marvelous debuts. But as always, there are things to be improved. But this week was still really good.

Exits: Too Many Friends (#7); Friends (#8); Almost Home (#9)

10. BTS/Steve Aoki - MIC Drop (#2)[3]
9. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (#10)
8. Echosmith - Over My Head (DEBUT)
7. Zayde Wolf - Army (DEBUT)
6. 5SOS - Want You Back (#6)
5. NF - Let You Down (#4)
4. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (#5)
3. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#3)[2]
2. Panic! At The Disco - Say Amen (Saturday Night) (DEBUT)
1. Bad Wolves - Zombie (#1)[4th week at #1]
Imagine Dragons – Believer (#36) [3 Weeks At #1]
Niall Horan – Slow Hands (#43) [3 Weeks At #1]
Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry (#44) [1 Week At #1]
Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl (#45) [4 Weeks At #1]

45. Dua Lipa – New Rules (#42)
44. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (#41)
43. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Future – End Game (#38) [1 Week At #1]
42. Keala Settle/The Greatest Showman Ensemble – This Is Me (#31)
41. AJR/Rivers Cuomo – Sober Up (#39)
40. Alan Walker/Noah Cyrus/Digital Farm Animals – All Falls Down (#25)
39. Symon – Lonely Girl (#40)
38. Panic! At The Disco – Say Amen (Saturday Night) (DEBUT)
37. Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft (#37)
36. Khalid – Young, Dumb, and Broke (#17)
35. Charlie Puth – How Long (#26) [2 Weeks At #1]
34. Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me (DEBUT)
33. Bazzi – Mine (DEBUT)
32. Shawn Mendes – In My Blood (#32)
31. Camila Cabello – Havana (#27) [1 Week At #1]
30. Noah Kahan/Julia Michaels – Hurt Somebody (#34)
29. Selena Gomez/Marshmello – Wolves (#21)
28. Justin Timberlake/Chris Stapleton – Say Something (#28)
27. Taylor Swift – Delicate (#29)
26. Bad Wolves – Zombie (DEBUT)
25. Charlie Puth/Kehlani – Done For Me (#35)
24. Imagine Dragons – Thunder (#16) [5 Weeks At #1]
23. Halsey – Bad At Love (#19) [2 Weeks At #1]
22. P!nk – Beautiful Trauma (#24)
21. Marshmello/Anne-Marie – Friends (#30)
20. Macklemore/Kesha – Good Old Days (#9) [1 Week At #1]
19. Fall Out Boy – Hold Me Tight Or Don't (#12)
18. NF – Let You Down (#7)
17. MAX/Gnash – Lights Down Low (#20)
16. Bruno Mars/Cardi B – Finesse (#23)
15. Kesha/The Dap-Kings Horns – Woman (#33)
14. 5 Seconds of Summer – Want You Back (#14)
13. Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same (#11)
12. Niall Horan – On The Loose (#22)
11. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar – Pray For Me (#15)
10. Ed Sheeran – Perfect (#4) [2 Weeks At #1]
  9. Meghan Trainor – No Excuses (#18)
  8. Maroon 5 – Wait (#6)
  7. Lauv – I Like Me Better (#13)
  6. Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line – Meant To Be (#10)
  5. G-Eazy/Halsey – Him & I (#5)
  4. Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes (#8)
  3. Hailee Steinfeld & Alesso/Florida Georgia Line/watt – Let Me Go (#3) [1 Week At #1]
  2. Walk The Moon – One Foot (#2)
  1. Zedd/Maren Morris/Grey – The Middle (#1) [4th Week At #1]

#1 Song This Week One Year Ago: Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You [8]

Biggest Drop Of The Week: Young Dumb & Broke (–19)

Biggest Jump Of The Week: Woman (+18)

Comments on debuts:
I wish to go out of order this week. So I will start with Mine. This song is extremely short, but I have nothing against it. I understand the appeal, but this is just not my style. I don't enjoy his voice. I don't feel like I will ever have anything against this.
Demi Lovato is not in my good books presently. I came into Tell Me You Love Me expecting something but getting something completely different. I didn't like it at first, but now I adore the build-up and the chorus is fantastic. Demi Lovato does really good build-ups. But is Sorry Not Sorry, that chorus was so bad compared to the verses. Here, the verses build up to something fantastic, and that is what we get in the chorus. I hope this does well.
Now to the first purple song. Thankfully, two purples is technically allowed, but it was so freaking hard to pick which one to put at #1 on MWP. I ended up putting Zombie, more on it next. Panic! At The Disco is awesome. What Brendon Urie can come up with is unique. He can create this pop/rock atmosphere that makes me so happy every time I hear it. The first song I heard from him was Victorious, and I loved that one for so many reasons. Death Of A Bachelor was too croon for my taste. There were a couple more, but none of them were ever like Say Amen. This song is absolutely marvelous. This is Victorious style, and I can't help enjoying this. I smile every time I hear it. I am glad that this debuted so quickly and I really hope it can do something here, like have done all Panic! songs.

The song that somehow didn't debut last week, but In My Blood did, is currently my #1 song. Zombie is a Bad Wolves cover of The Cranberries' biggest hit, probably. That version was a really good song, but I was five at the time it was released, so I only started listening to it after Dolores sadly passed away. I loved The Cranberries' Dreams, I have no clue how I got to know it but I loved it. Anyhow, when I compare The Cranberries' excellent song to Bad Wolves', the latter is much, much better. I feel alone in that opinion. But The Cranberries have some annoying parts, especially when Dolores extends «Zombie», like «Zombie, ay, ay, ay...». I find that really annoying. The lyrics are absolutely spectacular, and the verses sung by Dolores are stellar. But when I compare to Bad Wolves' cover, there are things to say. First of all, Dolores O'Riordan was supposed to lend her voice to Bad Wolves' cover. I would have loved to see how that turned out. Her very sadly and suddenly passing away caused Bad Wolves to donate ALL proceeds to her children, and I have never seen that before. With the mini-paragraph at the beginning of the video, you understand that Bad Wolves was affected by this death. The song starts with the verses I so adore, and Bad Wolves kept up to par. That man has such a fabulous voice, and Bad Wolves are a pretty sick band. They totally keep up to the «calm» rock I so adore, like The Sound Of Silence, who spent around 1¾ years on the top 60 of MWP. The verses build up to the chorus. The build-up is marvelous, and I give credit to The Cranberries for that. But you can totally feel the emotion in Tommy Vext's voice. His power, his sadness, his anger is radiated through his voice even if he isn't even sad or angry. His voice is a lot like Disturbed's. This song is awesome. And the annoying part in The Cranberries' version is expertly handled. I am so glad that this song made it onto Hits 1 and debuted so high. That really made this countdown this week good. Thank you Bad Wolves, for making a good song out of the mess we are in now. If you read all of that, you are an amazing person. Thank you.


Drake – God's Plan
Echosmith – Over My Head (DEBUT)
Rudimental/Jess Glynne/Macklemore/Dan Caplen – These Days
Dustin Atlas/Erin Bowman – Fake [...] Friends
Why Don't We – Trust Fund Baby (DEBUT)
Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment
Alice Merton – No Roots
The Chainsmokers – Everybody Hates Me (DEBUT)
Dua Lipa – IDGAF
Kendrick Lamar/SZA – All The Stars (DEBUT)
Maren Morris – Rich (DEBUT)
Halsey – Alone
Post Malone/Ty Dolla $ign – Psycho

Foster The People – Sit Next To Me

~Hit-Bound is looking nice...

~Over My Head is a really catchy song. Trust Fund Baby also. IDGAF about how bad the lyrics are because the song sounds really good.

~The chorus and drop are really good in Everybody Hates Me, but the verses are really bad. Still, I like the new Chainsmokers, but I am alone.

~All The Stars has some serious weak spots, but some marvelous rap work and pre-chorus. Rich is a country song that is off the carefree, even comedy, country I like. 

Top 5:
1. Over My Head
2. Trust Fund Baby
3. God's Plan
4. All The Stars

OOOOOOOOOH, It's Blurb Night 
So, 11 weeks at #1 left us this week. Believer was one of my 2017 favs, but the others were due.

Keala Settle is so flat! I don't understand how anybody could like this. When she screams, she is flat like nothing I have ever heard, it is so painful to my ears. 

We got a big drop from Khalid who was bound not to last long. I hope this leaves soon.

All Falls Down is now really, really bad. Without Alan Walker, why bother even playing this, hits 1?

I really hope that Say Something can pull a Lights Down Low, but that seems unlikely since JT is already popular.

I really grew into Taylor and Charlie's new songs. I like them both now.

Let You Down should get into the top 10 next week. Lights Down Low also. Although I am only praying.

I don't understand why Woman only jumped now. Normally the biggest jump of the week is a new song to the countdown. But last week and this week we have exceptions...

Fall Out Boy is still doing strong here? It has been in the #11-20 for so long, it will probably make the year-end list at this rate.

Pray For Me is so close to the top 10... It replacing Meghan Trainor would make my day.

Lauv might even hit #1 at this point. Something One Foot is struggling with.

Whatever It Takes is a really, really old song. It really should not be peaking this late in its lifetime.

Throwback pick of the week: The Cranberries - Zombie
Most missed countdown song: The Script - Superheroes
#1 recommendation for Hits 1: Zayde Wolf - Army

Top 5:
T1. Say Amen (Saturday Night)
T1. Zombie
3. Pray For Me
4. Let You Down
5. Want You Back

Bottom 5:
T1. This Is Me
T1. Beautiful Trauma
3. Never Be The Same
4. Love So Soft
5. No Excuses

Thanks for viewing, and sorry for that technical error!!!

Friday, March 30

Album review #8: The Weeknd - My Dear Melancholy,

Happy Good Friday everyone! Although more people than not take Easter as a normal holiday, I am nevertheless Orthodox and have a massive religious ceremonial progression within the next two weeks.


This album came out out of absolutely nowhere today, and I am a simple person: I see a Weeknd album I MUST review it. He is one of my favourites out there in the past few years and continues to amaze.

The title has a comma there to complicate, although I believe it to be the beginning of a letter. Honestly, I hope that no girl wants to hear some of those lyrics...

Anyway, let's begin the review of either a short album or a long EP. Either way, there are six songs, so this shouldn't last too long.

Track 1: Call Out My Name
~This is one of those songs that just don't work. Those verses are painful. But the chorus compensates, and combined with that signature production, it comes out pretty good. I feel as if The Weeknd got a bit lazy here.
Score: 6/10

Track 2: Try Me
~That chorus is so catchy! Although I have danced more to The Weeknd songs, this is the style that I love from him. I am talking about Reminder and Party Monster. With this and that, I have no idea what he is saying, but those snares add a very nice touch with his fabulous voice. The production is really unique to The Weeknd.
Score: 8.5/10

Track 3: Wasted Times
~Yeah, this one kind of fell apart. I notice a strong resemblance to some of Post's music, and only Post can make Post music sound good. Not The Weeknd. This song is way too repetitive. I was expecting more from The Weeknd.
Score: 3/10

Track 4: I Was Never There (ft/Gesaffelstein)
~I have never heard of Gesaffelstein ever before. But he works well with The Weeknd, until the unnecessary squeaking in the chorus. That is really annoying. I find this song, again, to be much too repetitive and unnecessarily annoying therefore.
Score: 5.5/10

Track 5: Hurt You (ft/Gesaffelstein)
~I wish The Weeknd would stop doing the same thing over, and over again. Gesaffelstein does nothing that The Weeknd couldn't do better. I mean, is this The Weeknd I know?
Score: 2/10

Track 6: Privilege
~Finally, a good, solid chorus. Although The Weeknd tries to sound meaningful, it only works here. Only. This song is really mystical and I love the production. It is the sort of sway music that I rarely like. He doesn't sing much. That noise between chorus and verse is borderline, though.
Score: 8/10

Final thoughts: This was the worst album I have heard in a long time. What happened? I feel as if this took The Weeknd a week to make. Come on. All he can do is take the same production, repeat it until you die, but switch up the words a bit and hire some gospel producer who does absolutely zip. This album, is really forgettable, and now I am off to listen to some Panic and Bad Wolves to please my ears. Bye!

Friday, March 23

Week #12 countdown

Exit: Legendary (#8); All The Stars (#10)
10. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (#9)
9. Sultan et al. - Almost Home (#6)
8. Marshmallow/Anne-Marie - Friends (Top 10 RE-ENTRY)
7. Hearts & Colours - Too Many Friends (Top 10 DEBUT)
6. 5SOS - Want You Back (#5)
5. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (#8)
4. NF - Let You Down (#4)[1 week at #1]
3. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#3)[2 weeks at #1]
2. BTS/Steve Aoki - MIC Drop (#2)[3 weeks at #1]
1. Bad Wolves - Zombie (#1)[3rd week at #1]

This week's countdown was hosted by Shawn Mendes. Which definitely explains that one debut at an inopportune time. We have some good and some bad, we have a fabulous new song by Brendon Urie (our Hit-Bound host this week) that gets better every listen, and Zombie ssems to find its name nowhere on the countdown or Hit-Bound. Hopefully this won't last long, seeing as it had 17 spins in three days. Anyways, we have a marvelous exit that made my day, sort of.

NO shenanigans. This post is complete.

Troye Sivan - My My My! (#32)
X Ambassadors - Ahead Of Myself (#41)
Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (#45)

45. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (#37)
44. Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry (#44) [1]
43. Niall Horan – Slow Hands (#43) [3]
42. Dua Lipa – New Rules (#42) 
41. Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (#31)
40. Symon – Lonely Girl (#38) 
39. AJR/Rivers Cuomo – Sober Up (#35) 
38. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Future – End Game (#29) [1]
37. Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft (#34)
36. Imagine Dragons – Believer (#39) [3]
35. Charlie Puth/Kehlani – Done For Me (DEBUT)
34. Noah Kahan/Julia Michaels – Hurt Somebody (DEBUT)
33. Kesha/The Dap-Kings Horns – Woman (#36) 
32. Shawn Mendes – In My Blood (DEBUT)
31. Keala Settle – This Is Me (#24)
30. Marshmello/Anne-Marie – Friends (#27) 
29. Taylor Swift – Delicate (DEBUT)
28. Justin Timberlake/Chris Stapleton – Say Something (#33) 
27. Camila Cabello – Havana (#25) [1]
26. Charlie Puth – How Long (#22) 
25. Alan Walker/Noah Cyrus/Digital Farm Animals – All Falls Down (#23) 
24. P!NK – Beautiful Trauma (#8) [-16][YES!!!!!]
23. Bruno Mars/Cardi B. – Finesse (Remix) (#15) 
22. Niall Horan – On The Loose (#26) 
21. Selena Gomez/Marshmello – Wolves (#21) 
20. MAX/Gnash – Lights Down Low (#16) 
19. Halsey – Bad At Love (#19) [2]
18. Meghan Trainor – No Excuses (#18)
17. Khalid – Young, Dumb, And Broke (#30) [+13][?]
16. Imagine Dragons – Thunder (#28) [?]
15. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar – Pray For Me (#17) 
14. 5SOS – Want You Back (#20) 
13. Lauv – I Like Me Better (#9) 
12. Fall Out Boy – Hold Me Tight Or Don't (#10) 
11. Camila Cabello – Never Be The Same (#13) 
10. Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line – Meant To Be (#14) 
9. Macklemore/Kesha – Good Old Days (#5) [1]
8. Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes (#6) 
7. NF – Let You Down (#7) 
6. Maroon 5 – Wait (#12) 
5. G-Eazy/Halsey – Him & I (#11) 
4. Ed Sheeran – Perfect (#4) [2]
3. Hailee Steinfeld/Alesso/Florida Georgia Line/watt – Let Me Go (#1) [1]
2. Walk The Moon – One Foot (#2) 
1. Zedd/Maren Morris/Grey – The Middle (#3) [3rd]

Biggest drop: BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA (-16)
Biggest jump: Young, Dumb & Broke (+13)

Comments on debuts (4):
Done For Me is boring considering Charlie Puth's new standards. This song is so forgettable, and I hope this can have a short run so Charlie can stay good. Kehlani was a strange choice but I love her. She is mediocre, also, though. This song is just nothing to me. I hope it doesn't have to become annoying.

If I had to pick songs to debut straight onto the countdown among the new songs this week, I definitely would have picked Zombie first, but that didn't happen, and better, honestly. Anyway, I would never have thought that this Julia Michaels song with some unknown face with a lousy voice would debut without hit-bound's help. Julia Michaels is, overall, i would say, interesting at best. Uh Huh was her best song because I don't know why. Issues was groundbreaking, I find, but all her music sounded very similar after that. But she doesn't even take up much of the song. It is this guy, Noah Kahan. I don't like his voice at all. The song reminds me vaguely of Miss You near the beginning, but James Hersey made a masterpiece with a mellow song with, somehow, a fantastic build up. But this song just stays mellow all the way through with nothing changing.

I would never have thought In My Blood would debut that fast after two days, but given it is a Shawn Mendes song AND he was hosting the countdown I realize that it shouldn't be much of a surprise. The song starts off with just talking, it feels like. Then the production kicks in. I find this song reminds me of Mercy. It is definitely a  step up from the exit (yes!) but the song is still a bit boring. I like the chorus a lot though. It is a different song to what we hear nowadays. Shawn Mendes's voice could use some work though.

I find I could not explain more than what I explained last week: Delicate is typical Taylor Swift standards. Repetitive, annoying, bad voice and production, but this song is so innocent and feels so much like nothing happened after I listened to it. I have never felt like that before.

~I grew into a bunch of songs on here this past week, especially Demi Lovato's song.

~Say Amen is fantastic, fantastic, fantastic, fantastic... I love it so much! Brendon Urie has been going downwards, but he totally redeemed himself with this smasher. This will 100% debut on MWP next week. The only question is whether it will be #1 or not. I look forward to hearing Brendon Urie introduce it on Hit-Bound this week when I hear him host :)

Post Malone/Ty Dolla $ign – Psycho
Alice Merton – No Roots

Bazzi – Mine
Halsey – Alone

Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

Foster The People – Sit Next To Me

Portugal. The Man – Live In The Moment

Dustin Atlas/Erin Bowman – Fake Friends

Panic! At The Disco – Say Amen (Saturday Night) (DEBUT)
Drake – God's Plan

Welshly Arms – Legendary (RE-ENTRY)
Rudimental/Jess Glynne/Macklemore/Dan Caplen – These Days
Dua Lipa – IDGAF
Thirty Seconds To Mars – Walk On Water

Top 5:
1. Say Amen (Saturday Night)
2. Legendary
3. Walk On Water
4. Tell Me You Love Me
5. God's Plan
Tell me what Blurbs have Done For Me
The Middle reaching #1 was bound to happen again, I know, but this song it just way too popular for what it's worth. One Foot will probably hit #1 in a month from now, and Let Me Go is done on all other stations. Perfect is still going strong everywhere for some reason. Him & I just now entering the top 5 is typical Hits 1, but I classify Him & I as 100% a rap song.

Wait should leave, now. Let You Down is still holding on. It really is a big hit for NF and it is deservedly so. It is still a remarkably marvelous song.

Thunder and Young Dumb & Broke made strange leaps into the top 20. It sounds like Hits 1 logic, and it is, actually, but I don't like it.

I would have thought that Lights Down Low would have stayed higher for longer. Anybody know when this debuted? I want to count the weeks until 52. Unsteady lasted 50 with a peak at #6 and Stressed Out lasted 51 being the #1 song of 2016. Believer did last a year and more, but I will not let another song leave just before the mark.

The biggest drop was one of two awesome events that happened this week. Finally people understand that this song should not be popular.

Hits 1 cut out Alan Walker's parts in All Falls Down. That was literally the only good part. They are shortening a bunch of songs now. I just hope that Pray For Me can remain untouched. I don't really listen to Hits 1 that much anyway, but I hope that when I hear Pray For Me Kendrick is still there.

I hope Friends doesn't pull a Say Something. I adore both those songs. They deserve more.

As did My My My! Ahead Of Myself wasn't much in my opinion, but What Lovers Do was one of my 2017 favourites.

Finally, after all these weeks of torture, after hearing this song on the radio nonstop and desperately trying to find a channel that is not playing it, after ranting on and on and on for hours at a time...

Top 5:
1. Let You Down
2. Pray For Me
3. Want You Back
4. Friends
5. Lights Down Low

Bottom 5:
1. Beautiful Trauma
2. Love So Soft
3. Never Me The Same
4. Hurt Somebody
5. This Is Me

Throwback pick of the week: The Cranberries - Dreams
Most Missed Countdown Song: Twenty One Pilots - Heathens
#1 recommendation for Hits 1: Hearts & Colors - Too Many Friends


Saturday, March 17

Week #11 (updated: blurbs+colours)

So I'm at the point where if I don't post on time, I don't post at all.

This week was fun! We had a bunch of activity, but not necessarily good. We had a strange exit and a #1 I completely forgot was anywhere. And a fantastic song debuted! But the exits were really, really bad. All in all, MANY very questionable events.

Anyway, the past two weeks of MWP:

Exits: Leave A Light On (#3); Say Something (#9)

10. Marshmallow/Anne-Marie - Friends (#8)

9. Welshly Arms - Legendary (#7)
8. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (#6)
7. NF - Let You Down (#10)
6. 5 Seconds Of Summer - Want You Back (DEBUT)
5. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (#4)
4. BTS/Steve Aoki - MIC Drop (#1)
3. Sultan/Sheppard/Nadia Ali/IRO - Almost Home (#5)
2. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#2)
1. Bad Wolves - Zombie (Top 10 DEBUT)

This week:

Exit: Friends (#10)

10. Kendrick Lamar/SZA - All The Stars (Top 10 DEBUT)

9. Bigflo & Oli - Dommage (#5)
8. Welshly Arms - Legendary (#9)
7. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (#8)
6. Sultan et al. - Almost Home (#3)
5. 5 Seconds of Summer - Want You Back (#6)
4. NF - Let You Down (#7)
3. The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#2)
2. BTS/Steve Aoki - MIC Drop (#4)
1. Bad Wolves - Zombie (#1)[2nd week]

Too Many Friends; God's Plan; Love Lies; No Drama; King's Dead; We Are...; Trust Fund Baby


Eminem/Ed Sheeran - River (#19)[?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!]
The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (#39)[NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!]
Post Malone/21 Savage Rockstar (#41)[NOOOOOOOO!!!]
Louis Tomlinson - Miss You (#45) :(

45. Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do (#44)
44. Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry (#43)
43. Niall Horan - Slow Hands (#42)
42. Dua Lipa - New Rules (#36)
41. X Ambassadors - Ahead Of Myself (#40)
40. Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (#38){JUST LEAVE!}
39. Imagine Dragons - Believer (#32)
38. Symon - Lonely Girl (#35)
37. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl (#36)
36. Ke$ha/Dap-Kings Horns - Woman (DEBUT)
35. AJR/Rivers Cuomo - Sober Up (#28)
34. Kelly Clarkson - Love So Soft (#33)
33. Justin Timberlake/Chris Stapleton - Say Something (#34)
32. Troye Sivan - My My My! (#24)
31. Portugal. The Man - Feel It Still (#30)
30. Khalid - Young Dumb & Broke (DEBUT)[oh boy]
29. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran/Future - End Game (#29)
28. Imagine Dragons - Thunder (#8)[-20]
27. Marshmallow/Anne-Marie - Friends (DEBUT)[woo hoo]
26. Niall Horan - On The Loose (DEBUT)
25. Camila Cabello - Havana (#26)
24. Keala Settle - This Is Me (#27)
23. Alan Walker/Noah Cyrus/DFA - All Falls Down (#31)
22. Charlie Puth - How Long (#18)
21. Selena Gomez/Marshmallow - Wolves (#5)[whoa!]
20. 5SoS - Want You Back (#22)
19. Halsey - Bad At Love (#7)[whoa!]
18. Meghan Trainor - No Excuses (#20)
17. The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (#21)
16. MAX/Gnash - Lights Down Low (#11)
15. Bruno Mars/Cardi B - Finesse (#23)
14. Bebe Rexha/FGL - Meant To Be (#10)
13. Camila Cabello - Never Be The Same (#12)
12. Maroon 5 - Wait (#15)
11. G-Eazy/Halsey - Him & I (#16)
10. Fall Out Boy - Hold Me Tight Or Don't (#25)[lol][+15]
9. Lauv - I Like Me Better (#14)[???????]
8. P!nk - Beautiful Trauma (#13)
7. NF - Let You Down (#9)
6. Imagine Dragons - Whatever It Takes (#17)
5. Macklemore/Ke$ha - Good Old Days (#3)
4. Ed Sheeran - Perfect (#4)
3. Zedd/Maren Morris/Grey - The Middle (#1)
2. Walk The Moon - One Foot (#6)
1. Hailee Steinfield/Alesso/FGL/watt - Let Me Go (#2)[1st week at #1]

Biggest jump: Hold Me Tight Or Don't (+15)
Biggest drop: Thunder (-20)

Comments on "debuts":
I find This Is Me to be boring and I do not like Keala Settle's voice. I find this song strange on hits 1. I don't have much to say, but I don't really dig the style.

No Excuses is typical Meghan Trainor, I already talked about it and I don't have much to add. The song is repetitive and annoying, but the chorus has some catchy aspect to it. I never hear it on the radio, so I don't think it will be something big, but if it will be, I will probably grow out of it fast.

I don't like Ke$ha, period. But Praying was a heck of a song in the chorus. But Ke$ha does not have a good voice in my opinion. She has had one good song: Praying. All the other songs are vulgar, annoying, or just boring. I know Ke$ha has it in her, but Woman is not anywhere hear her best work.

Young Dumb & Broke was a hit in Montreal half a year ago. I'm not saying it is that bad. But it was an actual hit, played a lot. So I have grown out of it. It is a unique song and Khalid has a weird voice, but an interesting one. I really hope this one doesn't last long so I can keep it out of my bad books.

Friends has a fantastic pre-chorus and chorus, fantastic! Anne-Marie is absolutely marvelous and Marshmallow makes a nice harmony and beat. I have grown into the verses slightly, but at the bridge more often than not I change the channel because of that painful noise in the last chorus and the cringe lyrics. Anyway, a great, great song for half the time.

On The Loose is another OneDirection song. 50% of their songs sound almost identical. but this one takes everything down a notch, so it becomes easily tiring. Niall can do better, but honestly, Too Much To Ask will probably be his best in this style.

RIP Legendary, you will be missed. Lights over paris award, maybe, if I have time xp

Foster The People - Sit Next To Me
Dua Lipa - IDGAF
Rudimental etc. - These Days
Drake - God's Plan (DEBUT)
Thirty Seconds To Mars - Walk On Water
Taylor Swift - Delicate (DEBUT)
Halsey - Alone (DEBUT)
Portugal. The Man - Live In The Moment
Bazzi - Mine
Post Malone/Ty Dolla $ign - Psycho
Alice Merton - No Roots
Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me
Charlie Puth/Kehlani - Done For Me (DEBUT)
Dustin Atlas/Erin Bowman - Fake A** Friends

~Sit Next To Me is different, IDGAF is a lot like New Rules, God's Plan is actually catchy, Delicate is Taylor Swift bad but so innocent, Alone is the new Halsey, Tell Me You Love Me is boring, Done For Me is a step down in production. There we go.

Top 5:
1. Walk On Water
2. God's Plan
3. No Roots
4. Live In The Moment

Young Dumb & Blurbs
I would never have expected Let Me Go to reach #1, but Hailee Steinfeld seems to please more than she should in my opinion. The drop is really bad. The only thing keeping me from putting this song in pink is the chorus.

One Foot is now at #2. I really hope that this can reach #1. This is actually doing well here although being a flop everywhere else. Although this will never do as well as Shut Up And Dance, it at least made a show for itself.

We has some changes in the top 10. First of all, Meant To Be left instead of many other bad songs but it doesn't disturb me actually since it has had its time. We have two major drops from Thunder and Wolves. They are both pretty old songs, and they were bound to drop at some point. Bad At Love should be gone by this point.

P!nk came back into the top 10 which you know I am definitely not happy about. Lauv seems to be pulling a Lights Down Low being only popular really late after its release. Hold Me Tight Or Don't jumping into the top 10 so unexpectedly made me smile :)

Well, at least Whatever It Takes didn't take forever to reach the top 10. I do not listen to this song anymore because I still want to like Imagine Dragons.

Let Me Down is a really big song right now, especially for me, where it is currently doing really well in 2018 and could potentially be in my top 5 for the year. A rap song managed to get into the top 10 and that is something special.

Never Be The Same is a really really bad song that should be nowhere near where it is. The only people who like this are fans who will not accept to hate it.

Justin Timberlake really cannot get anything big like he used to. Like The Chainsmokers. Say Something and Sick Boy are really good songs, but their other singles are really bad. You would think that such a good song like Say Something would be popular. This is unique.

Finally, the exits. Sick Boy was a fantastic song and will be remembered forever in my books. Rockstar has a shot at being in my top 10 of the year again. Post got spot on with this one. I have always enjoyed his voice. River was really underrated, although Eminem can be better, Ed Sheeran shined like Make It Rain. River has flaws but was fantastic. I grew into Miss You this week but it had to leave...

Throwback pick of the week: The Cranberries - Zombie
#1 recommendation for Hits 1: Bad Wolves - Zombie
Most missed countdown song: The Vamps - Wake Up

Top 5:
1. Want You Back
2. Let You Down
3. Pray For Me
4. Friends
5. Lights Down Low

Bottom 5:
1. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
2. Never Be The Same
3. Beautiful Trauma
4. Love So Soft
5. Good Old Days